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Testimonials- What others have said about our products...

"I love your products and would like to share it with my club of moms... Thank you so much for coming out with such a great product."
- Channon H., Surprize, AZ

"I really wanted to give my sister something truly special and unique for her baby shower. Something she would cherish for years. When I saw the Baby Tooth Album Memory Book, I knew I had to get it. I bought several items for her shower, but the Baby Tooth Album was the one everyone was talking about!"
- J.T., Rockville, MD

"I saved all of my childrens teeth in small jars. The Baby Tooth Album is the perfect way to save your childs teeth in a photo album. I bought one for all of my grandchildren."
- N.C., Natick, MA

"I had a lot of fun embellishing my childs Baby Tooth Keepsake. It really was a unique and enjoyable craft project that is useful too."
- K.L., Arlington, VA

"I cant wait to one day show my son just how crazy I was about him. His Baby Tooth Album is tucked safely in our photo album next to a big shot of his toothless smile".
- B.V., Paramus, NJ

"How cute! I cant believe no one has thought of this before. We love it!"
- W.C., Chestnut Hill, MA

"You cant just buy one. I can think of at least ten kids that I want to buy this for. Really, every kid should have one."
- R.G., Oak Brook, IL

"I purchased the Scrapbook Kit and had a great time embellishing my childs very own baby tooth page. The papers and stickers are adorable."
- R.R., San Jose, CA

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